The Best Way to Fly

Air Travel Safety Tips

When travelling by plane there are a number of things you can do to increase your safety while on board:

When you board a flight the airline crew will give you an air safety demonstration. It is very important to pay attention to instructions and the location of emergency exits. This goes for frequent flyers as well, as not all aircrafts are alike.

Read the safety card that is located in the pocket of the seat in front of you.

Only sit in the emergency exits row of seats if you are fit and well. If you are unable to assist other passengers in the event of an in-air emergency, or have reduced mobility, you should ask the flight crew to move you to an alternative seat.

Keep your seatbelt fastened during take-off and landing, and any time that the seatbelt sign is activated. It is advisable to keep your seat belt fastened the entire time you are seated in case of unexpected turbulence.

If you do want to rest during the flight and use a blanket, buckle your seat belt over the top so that it is visible to the cabin crew.

If you are travelling with children ensure their seatbelts are properly fitted and fastened. Parents travelling with small infants on their laps should be given a specially designed buckle device that attaches to their own seat belt. An airline attendant will show you how to fit it.

In the event that the cabin loses oxygen pressure and the oxygen masks drop down, ensure you fit your own mask before helping children or anyone else.

Always obey the carry-on luggage restrictions including hazardous or flammable materials, aerosols, matches, fireworks or sharp objects.

Don't drink to much alcohol while on board your flight as alcohol will affect you more due to the pressurized atmosphere. If an emergency situation were to arise you need to have your wits about you.

Wear sensible shoes and clothing, in the event you have to make an emergency exit from the aircraft unsuitable clothing or high heeled shoes could impair you.

Stow your carry-on baggage safely in the overhead lockers. If a piece of baggage was to become loose it could be very dangerous.

Never, ever attempt to smoke in the aircraft lavatory, not only is this illegal it is highly dangerous.