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Check with your airline regarding checked luggage limits, most airlines allow for between fifteen and twenty kilograms per person. It is also a good idea to find if your baby is entitled to separate luggage allowance and if you can bring your pram on board. Weigh your luggage before you travel, excess baggage fees can be fairly extortionate.

Carry on luggage is subject to strict security controls and gels or liquids over 100ml will not be allowed. Sharp objects, flammable items and hazardous materials are strictly forbidden. This includes aerosols and matches.

All UK airports offer disabled access and assistance, while some offer more than others. London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Bristol Airport and Manchester Airport are just some of the airports that offer a wide range of reduced mobility services including designated special needs seating areas, porter services and wheelchair accessible toilets.

When travelling with babies or young children ensure you pack enough supplies, nappies, infant formula, snacks, toys and books to keep them happy and entertained for the trip.

If you are flying with a budget airline you may be required to purchase your baggage allowance separately. It is advisable to do so when you book your ticket as you will generally have to pay more to purchase luggage allowance once at the airport itself.

Enquire about sporting equipment before you book your flight, some airlines offer free cycle, snowboard, ski or golfing equipment carriage. Others will add an extra charge per item including surf boards and windsurfing equipment.

Airport lounges are an ideal way to await your flight at the airport in comfort, away from the noise and bustle of the departure lounges. For a small fee or an annual charge many airports and airlines offer comfortable lounges which include extra benefits including complimentary snacks, tea, coffee, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. Other services may include free internet access, tv, fax facilities and complementary newspapers. Luton Airport and Stansted Airport are just two of the airports that offer executive lounge facilities in the UK.

To save on public transportation costs along with extra hassle of getting to the airport with heavy luggage, many people use their own vehicle and opt for airport parking. This is also useful for when you return from your trip as you will then be able to make your way home.

If you do need to take a taxi from the airport it is advisable to book in advance as generally taking an airport taxi or black cab direct from the terminal will cost you more.