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The UK's Best & Worst Airports

According to a recent survey completed by the top five best and worst airports in the UK as voted by the British public are:

The Top Five Favourite Airports in the UK

The Five Worst Airports in the UK

Regardless of whether you are lucky enough to be flying from one of the UK's top 5 airports or so unfortunate as to have to negotiate one of the worst, you'll need to find a way of getting to and from the airport. If you live close enough you can simply take a taxi or public transport, or book an Airport Transfer. But if you are starting from quite a ways away or are travelling with a number of people or luggage airport parking may be a more economical option. Each airport car park charges a different fee and they can add up if you're going to be away for some time so we'd suggest that you compare prices for the various car parks at the airport you'll be flying from and if possible book well in advance as last minute booking tend to be rather pricey.

Most airports have a variety of options available from the economical off Heathrow airport car parks and car parking in Manchester with shuttle service to the airport terminal, to the very convenient chauffeur service such as the Gatwick meet and greet service.

World Airport Codes lists further details of the UK's best and worst airports, as well as a full database of airport codes, country abbreviations, runway lengths, and the GMT offset information.